Competition Terms and Conditions


By submitting a Competition entry, you are agreeing to be bound by the Rules. 

  1. Competition description

These terms and conditions together with any specific instructions on the Gang Beasts Costume Competition entry page [] (the “Website”) are the competition rules (the “Rules”) and apply to the Gang Beasts Costume Competition (the “Competition”). 

  1. Promoters

The Competition is organised by: The BGI, registered charity number 1183530, whose registered office is at National Videogame Museum, Castle House, Angel Street, Sheffield S3 8LN (“BGI“); and Boneloaf Limited, company number 07571318, Unit 1.09 Site Gallery 1 Brown Street, Sheffield, England, S1 2BS (“Boneloaf”). 

BGI and Boneloaf are jointly the promoters of the Competition.

  1. Competition duration and deadline
  1. The Competition commences on 10:00am UK time (GMT+1) on 22/07/2021. 
  1. The Competition ends on 11:59 am UK time (GMT+1) on 31/08/2021 (the “Closing Date”). 
  1. If you are submitting your entry in person at the National Videogame Museum, please be aware of the museum’s opening times available here:
  1. Qualifying entrants 
  1. The Competition is open to UK citizens of all ages. If you are under 18, you will need to ask for your parent or guardian’s consent to enter and/or claim your prize if you are a Winner. We may ask Winner(s) to provide proof of age and proof of parental / guardian consent. 
  1. Employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives of BGI and Boneloaf or close relatives thereto (husband/wife, mother, father, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters or partners living in the same household) are not eligible to enter the Competition. 
  1. Non-UK residents will be admitted at our discretion and if permitted by applicable local law. Residents in a country or jurisdiction where the competition may breach any law or regulation are not entitled to enter the competition. Where this applies, invitation to enter the Competition in such country and/or jurisdiction is withdrawn. In entering the Competition, each entrant is confirming that they are eligible to do so. BGI and/or Boneloaf reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all entrants and disqualify any entrant if BGI and/or Boneloaf has reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of the Rules or acts in a way that could harm the name and reputation of BGI and/or Boneloaf. 
  1. Under no circumstances shall the entrants be considered as employees, agents or associates of BGI and/or Boneloaf and participation in the Competition does not grant entrants the right to act in the name of or on behalf of BGI and/or Boneloaf. BGI and/or the Boneloaf reserve the right to hold, void, suspend, cancel or amend the Competition or Rules where it becomes, at the absolute discretion of BGI and/or the Boneloaf, necessary to do so. 
  1. Competition entries 
  1. To participate in the Competition, entrants must:
  1. If submitting in-person entry at the National Videogame Museum (“NVM”): fill out and submit the paper form and put it in the entry box.
  1. If submitting an online entry, either:
  1. fill out and submit your entry using the online form on the Website before the Closing Date; or 
  2. send your Competition entry to before the Closing Date.
  1. Entry requirements: 
  1. Only one application per person is permitted. In case of multiple applications by an entrant, only the most recent submitted application will be taken into account.
  1. You do not have to pay to enter the competition, however you are responsible for any phone or internet charges you may incur in entering. If you are unsure about these charges, you should contact your phone or internet operator before entering. Entries will not be acknowledged and we do not accept responsibility for entries that are lost, delayed or which we do not receive.
  1. Entries that are incomplete, that are damaged, that are submitted late (i.e. after the Closing Date), that are not received for whatever reason, that are not created by the entrant himself or herself, or that contain false or misleading information will not be accepted and shall not be admitted in the Competition. 
  1. Whilst BGI and/or Boneloaf may try to inform any Competition entrants whose entry(ies) are disqualified, BGI and/or Boneloaf has no obligation to inform entrants whose applications are inadmissible about this. 
  1. You promise that your entry will not contain anything that is or could reasonably be viewed as harmful, harassing, defamatory, libellous, obscene or invasive of another’s privacy.
  1. We will not admit entries which are automatically created by a computer, bot or script or other automated technologies, created in bulk, have been altered, forged, or tampered with, are illegible or incomplete or which generally in our reasonable opinion are inappropriate to admit.
  1. BGI and/or the Boneloaf reserve the right to disqualify a Competition entrant whose conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the Competition and/or the Rules. 
  1. Judging 
  1. The entries will be judged by a panel from Boneloaf and the BGI. 
  1. 4 (four) winner(s) will be chosen by the panel (the “Winner(s)”). 2 (two) winners will be under 16 years of age and 2 (two) winners will be 16 and over years of age.
  1. The Winners will be chosen at the absolute discretion of the judging panel, whose decision shall be final. 
  1. Entries will be judged on the absolute discretion of the judging panel, who will consider the originality and creativity of the design. Make sure you think about what will make your idea stand out – funny, creative, colourful, imaginative.
  1. The decision of the judging panel and/or BGI and the Boneloaf shall be final with no appeal, and no correspondence shall be entered into. 
  1. Prize 
  1. Each Winner shall receive a merchandise bundle consisting of: 1 National Videogame Museum Family Ticket, 1 copy of the Gang Beasts game (either on Steam, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – this can be chosen by the Winner), 1 Gang Beasts t-shirt, 1 Gang Beasts vinyl record and 1 Gang Beasts poster.
  1. The prize is strictly personal and may not be transferred to, assigned to or used by a third party. 
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf have the right to substitute any prize for an alternative prize of equal or greater value.
  1. No prize will be awarded as a result of improper actions by or on behalf of any entrants. 
  1. BGI reserves the right to inform the Winner(s) personally and the Winner(s) undertake to keep this information confidential until the official public announcement by BGI and/or the Boneloaf. 
  1. If the Winner(s) do not personally confirm to BGI his/her acceptance of the prize and provide a valid postal address within 30 days of being notified as being the Winner, the Winner shall without further notice forfeit his/her prize and the judging panel shall award the prize to another eligible entrant. 
  1. The Winner(s) will be responsible for any travel, accommodation or other costs (e.g. import taxes or duties) associated with the prize. 
  1. The Winner(s) may be asked to take part in publicity resulting from the Competition, and by entering the Competition all entrants agree that, in the event they are chosen to be the Winner, they will take reasonable steps to be available for involvement with, and give their permission to be included in, any reasonable publicity released by BGI and/or the Boneloaf in connection with the Competition.
  1. Intellectual property rights and use of entries 
  1. BGI and Boneloaf do not claim any rights of ownership in your entry. BGI and Boneloaf are granted a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free worldwide license to use, display, publish, transmit, copy, edit, alter, store, re-format and sub-licence the Competition entry and any accompanying materials as often as BGI and/or Boneloaf deems necessary for marketing and promotional purposes without notice and without compensation. BGI and Boneloaf reserve the right to approach the Winner at a later date to discuss a further licence of the competition entry to use it in Boneloaf’s games. 
  1. By submitting your Competition entry and any accompanying material the Winner agrees that the Winner has the right to grant the above mentioned license to BGI and Boneloaf.
  1. The Winner guarantees that the content in the Winner’s Competition entry does not infringe any third-party rights and that it is not subject to any third-party claims or actions of infringement or invalidity. 
  1. BGI and Boneloaf reserve the right to remove any entries that are suspected of intellectual property rights infringement.
  1. If the Winner’s Competition entry is subsequently discovered to infringe a third party’s intellectual property rights, the Winner shall immediately forfeit his/her prize and shall immediately return to BGI and/or Boneloaf any items received as a prize under the Competition. 
  1. Photographs and video taken by BGI and/or Boneloaf (including but not limited to the entrants and their design entries) shall be the property of BGI and/or Boneloaf. 
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf shall have the right to publicise the photographs and video in all media without prior approval by the entrants. 
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf may publish any entry to the Competition on the website of BGI and/or Boneloaf or on any other of BGI and/or Boneloaf’s channels on the web or in any other material issued by BGI and/or Boneloaf. 
  1. Limitation of liability.
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf will not in any circumstances be responsible to compensate the Winner(s) or be liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or death arising from entering the Competition or in any other way relating to the Competition, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. BGI and Boneloaf will NOT accept responsibility for competition entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit for any reason or in any way. Your statutory rights are not affected.
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf cannot be held responsible for any cost associated with entering the Competition. 
  1. We reserve the right at BGI’s and/or Boneloaf’s sole discretion to hold void, suspend, cancel or amend the Competition where it becomes necessary to do so.
  1. Privacy and further communications. 
  1. By entering the Competition and accepting the Rules, the entrants agree that BGI and/or Boneloaf may use personal details for the purpose of conducting the Competition. BGI’s Privacy Policy is available here and Boneloaf’s Privacy Policy is available here
  1. You promise that all of the information you provide to us in connection with this Competition shall be and shall remain complete and accurate.
  1. BGI and/or Boneloaf shall have the right to use your full name, place of residence, likeness, and other provided personal information to announce the Winner(s) of this competition and for any other reasonable and related promotional purposes without payment to you. You promise that all of the information which you provide to us in connection with this competition shall be and shall remain complete and accurate.
  1. Boneloaf may also contact you if it would like to use your Competition entry in Boneloaf’s games. Entrants acknowledge that they may have to agree to a separate intellectual property licence/assignment with Boneloaf at a later date for Boneloaf to use such Competition entry in its games. Entrants’ contact details will be stored and processed according to Boneloaf’s Privacy Policy
  1. The surname(s) and country of residence of the Winner(s) will be made available on written request for one (1) month after the Closing Date. 
  1. General
  1. The Competition and the Rules will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive courts of England and Wales. 
  1. For more information email