Driving Bundle

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre

Driving has been a staple of videogames for decades. If you’re not jumping or shooting, you’re probably driving.

With this bundle at the NVM, we wanted to highlight a just few of the way you can drive in videogames.

Whilst you’re playing our driving bundle, think about how the different controls feel. How fast does it feel like you’re travelling in each game? How far do you feel you’re travelling? Where are you watching the action from? Are you in the car, or behind it?

These are just a small selection of ways to drive, let us know which is your favourite!

Diddy Kong Racing

Rare (formally Ultimate Play the game!) is one of a few studios to be trusted by Nintendo to develop games using their beloved characters.

Diddy Kong Racing was originally intended to be a strategy game before being re-imagined as a racer. In fact, you can still see a lot of the original design ideas in the finished game.

How many other racers can you think of with a Super Mario 64-like adventure mode and Boss Battles?


As well as their signature blue-skies, SEGA bought a number of innovations to the driving game with the release of Outrun. As well as creating an accessible and fun game, Yu Suzuki's small team designed tracks that branch off in different directions to add replay value and ramp up the difficulty. 

Made in just 10 months, Outrun still tops many players' lists of all time best games - and all time best game soundtracks.


Set in 2052, players compete in the F3600 anti-gravity racing league.

One of the UK launch titles for the PlayStation console, the game's marketing campaign was designed by Keith Hopwood and Sheffield-based The Designers Republic.

The game features original music from CoLD SToRAGE along with tracks by Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers and Orbital.

Not one title can match up to the awesome nature of Psygnosis' WipEout. It's an amazing spectacle to behold, it sounds absolutely fantastic and it's the best playing racing game yet beheld on a next generation super console


Forza Horizon

Created in Leamington Spa, 'Horizon' is the fifth game in the Forza series and the first to offer a more open-world driving experience.

The game met with critical acclaim on launch for its realistic, but accessible handling and the huge variety of options on offer.

Horizon is notable for receiving a PEGI 12 rating on release because of its 'suggestive' in-game language.