Special Features

Multiplayer games and special features

In addition to our bundles, special exhibitions and the Lab, you’ll find an array of other feature exhibits in our galleries.

These include State of Play‘s beautiful iOS pinball game INKS, played on custom pinball machine; Duck Hunt with a NES Zapper light gun; Rock Band 3 with plenty of instruments to start your band; FRU, the greatest Kinect game ever; Sheffield’s very own Gang Beasts, a fan favourite for you and 3 friends to enjoy; and more!

See a full list of unique and multiplayer experiences below.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is made in Sheffield by indie developers Boneloaf. Its multiplayer brawling action is a favourite at festivals. 

With deliberately awkward physics in impossibly dangerous locations, it's one of the funniest games you'll play. 

It's not unlikely to see two players repeatedly punching a third in the head.


You can read more about the Boneloaf brothers and Gang Beasts in Sheffield's very own Our Favourite Places.

Micro Machines V3

The Micro Machines game series, first published in 1991, is based on the Micro Machines toys by Galoob (now part of Hasbro). Galoob wanted Codemasters to develop a game based on their toy brand - since then there's been 7 games, across 23 different platforms spanning 25 years! Micro Machines V3 is the first 3D instalment in the series!

This PS1 game allows 8 players to play on 4 controllers using the pad-sharing mode where each player uses 1/2 a controller each! But here we don't do things by halves! We've got 1 PS1, 2 multi-tap adapters, and 8 players on 8 controllers!

Micro Machines V3 screenshot

Rockband 3

Harmonix are a studio dedicated to creating music games. Their projects include Amplitude, Frequency and the smash-hit Guitar Hero.

The online Rock-Band store allowed players to download their favourite music to play in the game - even the Beatles made their master-tapes available.

Rockband 3 went beyond the guitar. And here you can play with the whole band - Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keytar are all available to jam on.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

A party platformer game where you build the level as you play, placing traps and hazards to inhibit your friends progression, and try and make it so you alone can make your way over to victory!

Play as a chicken, a horse, a sheep and a plethora of other animals in this fast-paced, fun multiplayer indie game!

Clever Endeavour Games are a team of just five people who are intent on creating unique, fun experiences with interesting and diverse mechanics.

Ultimate Chicken Horse screenshot


A beautiful game of paint and pinball by State of Play. INKS updates pinball for a new generation.

It combines the joy of pinball with skilful puzzles, and allows you to create wondrous works of art as the ball smashes around the canvas.

Blocks of colour burst like beautiful fireworks across the surface, building up in vivid layers and recording a visual history of your gameplay as you perfect your score.

State of Play used unusual tools to bring the game to life. Concept art was initially done by splatting Indian ink onto watercolour paper. Much of the level design used an iPad and Apple pencil, levels then making their way into Unity and being refined.

Here at the museum you'll have the unique opportunity to play INKS on the custom made digital pinball table, that the developers used to showcase INKS at games festivals around the UK.


Player One controls a young girl while Player Two manipulates the environment to create a pathway through the world. Making use of Kinect technology, the player's silhouette is projected in real-time onto the scenery to manipulate and reveal hidden platforms.

Fru was originally created by Through Games as an entry into the 2014 Global Game Jam. Microsoft picked up the project as part of the ID@Xbox program.

The fluid movement, artwork, music, and technology all come together in FRU for a mesmerizing experience that really shows what the Kinect is capable of


Fru has been lauded as 'the game that makes the Kinect worthwhile'. As a piece of technology, the Kinect doesn't often get the love it perhaps deserves, but Fru goes a long way to demonstrating the kind of innovation and spectacle it's capable of inspiring.

person playing Fru

Duck Hunt

The NES Zapper light gun was designed by Gunpei Yokoi and Masayuki Uemura (who also designed the GameBoy and NES respectively).

The laughing dog was ranked No.7 in 1Up's 'Top 10 Video Game Dogs' list and praised for 'laughing at a frustrated human with a loaded rifle'.

The Zapper doesn't work with modern TVs which is why we have a Cathode Ray Tube TV.

When you fire the gun, the screen will go black for a frame or two, and the duck will turn into a white square. The zapper can detect the light from white square if you're aiming correctly, and you'll score points in the game.

You can watch this video for a full account of how the Zapper works!

duck hunt cover art

Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party

The first instalment in the Buzz! Junior series, with forty different mini-games! Each player controls a monkey with their Buzz! controller.

By exploring the multitude of ways you can use a 5 button controller, rather than sticking to a traditional quiz format, Buzz! Junior is more suited to younger children than the other Buzz! quiz games.

In November 2007, Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party won a British Academy Children's Award BAFTA for best Children's videogame!

4 Player Pac-man

For nearly 40 years, Pac-Man has been one of the most popular videogames. It's also one of the simplest. There are just four controls. Up. Down. Left. Right.

We've decided to make things even simpler. Instead of one player and four controls, our version gives four players one control each.

Actually, is that easier? It's certainly more fun. And there's a lot more shouting!

Iwatani claims to have got the idea for the Pac-Man character after looking a pizza with a slice missing!

NVM says...

It's Pacman, but with 4 screens, 4 buttons, 4 ghosts and 4 players! Work with your team and see how far you can get!