Text Box Bundle

It’s tempting to think of videogames as always being a totally visual art form.

Amazing graphics, virtual reality, awesome sound – but lots of games choose to tell their stories through a more traditional form, words! Interactive fiction was one of earliest forms of videogame and it continues to be hugely popular today, with titles like 80 Days creating whole new audiences for the genre. Once you played these, why not have a go at creating a story game yourself using Twine in the lab?

The Dreamhold

Created by Andrew Plotkin, The Dreamhold is an interactive fiction game that teaches you how to make interactive fiction.

It won the 2004 XYZZY Awards for Best Puzzles and Best Use of Medium.

On 24 June 2014, Plotkin released the source code for educational purposes.

Spunky Spelunky

Find all six driftwood rungs and get the secret ending!

Spunky Spelunky is a short and sweet cave exploration game written in Twine, a free open source tool for telling interactive non-linear stories.

My first real twine game. I spent a while on it. It's fully illustrated and while one playthrough is quite short (10-15 min), I tried to make it so that it would warrant multiple playthroughs...

Puck Saint