Commodore 64

1982 saw the release of the Commodore 64. It became the bestselling home computer of all time and changed the world of videogaming forever.

The C64 was an 8-bit home computer with 64 kilobytes of RAM, a processor running at roughly 1MHz and a graphics processor capable of displaying 16 colours. These capabilities might seem unimpressive today but in 1982 this was high-end stuff.

Surprisingly the C64 wasn’t designed as a videogame computer. Released by Commodore Business Machines, its graphics capabilities were developed to deal with the complex charts and graphs of word processing and spreadsheet programs. But once programmers got hold of the machine they quickly realized that Commodore had accidentally created a gaming super-platform. And it wasn’t just about the graphics. The C64 also included a sound chip that exceeded the capability of every other computer at the time.

Before long, spreadsheets and pie charts were forgotten and, all over the world, C64s were being used to play games like Impossible Mission, Monty on the Run and Thing on a Spring.  

Today, the C64 remains a popular computer for enthusiasts, retro gamers and musicians, with numerous emulators in production and games available including the C64 mini, Nintendo virtual console releases, Steam remixes and Android apps.