Street Fighter II Bonus: Beat Up a Car!

Although the original Street Fighter game wasn’t that popular, Street Fighter II has been a huge global hit earning over $10 billion.

Although the graphics and moves are the same, some of the Boss characters had their names changed between the Japanese and English release:
Balrog, an American boxer, with a similar appearance to Mike Tyson is called M. Bison in Japan; M. Bison, the boss of crime organisation Shadaloo was originally Vega, and Vega, a Spanish bullfighter is called Balrog in Japan.

The car smashing bonus stage is the first bonus round in Street Fighter II and was based on the Final Fight bonus stage. Other Street Fighter games paid homage to this mini-game with their own car smashing rounds. Beating up a car might seem an odd thing to do, but as the story goes a car salesman at the harbour offers prize money for those who manage to break a car within the time limit with their bare hands for $10 per try.

The beat up a car bonus stage even made an appearance in the credits of the 2012 Walt Disney film Wreck-It Ralph, and the Fight Fighters episode of Gravity Falls.