Super Mario Galaxy

Mario pretty much invented jumping in videogames (he was originally called ‘Jumpman’ in Donkey Kong, before designer Shigeru Miyamoto renamed him for the sequel).

The whole game takes place across galaxies of spherical planets, setting the designers free to make new ways of creating fun for the player.

It’s one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time!

If you like programming and algorithms, you can find a quite complicated but comprehensive explanation of how Super Mario Galaxy’s gravity system works here on Gamasutra!

Gone is the comforting assurance that performing one of his trademark jumps will result in Mario landing safely a second or so later because in space, what goes up won’t necessarily come down. Throw in the fact that any of the planets Mario touches down on could have their own unique gravitational field, and it’s easy to see how the effects of weightlessness could turn Mario’s latest adventure upside-down.

Super Mario Galaxy Screenshot