Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a museum?

Yes. We’re a registered charity (1183530), and currently in the process of becoming an accredited museum. That means we hope to have our processes, collections policies, exhibits and operations accredited by Arts Council England.

Can I talk to you about my thesis/ research / project or similar…?

Great! We get a lot of requests from universities and we try and help as much as we can. We’ve done lots of interviews and writing over the years which we’re about to collect together on our research site. Check there shortly to see if we’ve already covered what you need to know, and if we haven’t, we’d be delighted to try and help. Send us an email and include as much detail as you can.

How do you decide what’s in the NVM?

Our curatorial team identifies, curates and creates exhibits for the Museum, taking care to respond to public feedback and involving them as much as possible in the process of the museum’s development.

That team works under Iain Simons, Director of Culture at the BGI, who is accountable to the BGI board of trustees and to the Museum Advisory Board.

Why isn’t my favourite game exhibited?

We understand that our audience has a broad range of favourite games that they love and have grown up with! Sadly, there are multiple reasons why we can’t exhibit every game.

Importantly, we have chosen to make our galleries always family-friendly, which, so far, excludes us from exhibiting playable versions of many 15+ and 18+ rated games.

The entire list of games that we are exhibiting in our museum is always available online.

How can I get involved?

We’re always very happy to hear ideas from our visitors or receive offers of assistance. We’re always happy to talk on social media or you can just email us!

Can I donate my xxxx to you?

Thank you but we have paused acquisitions for our Collection for the moment but we hope to be in a position to receive new objects into the Collection sometime in 2020. Please do email us with your proposed donation and we will contact you in due course.

Can I borrow your xxxx?

Not currently, but we hope to tour some of our exhibitions in future.

Who runs the NVM?

The NVM is run by the BGI, a charity for games culture, which is raising new funding for games skills, culture, diversity and production in collaboration with other organisations.

How can I help preserve videogame history?

Whether you’re a private collector, videogame developer or heritage institution, there are ways that you can help us in our mission to preserve videogames.

We have launched a new network of videogame preservationists, called the Videogame Heritage Society. You can find out more info at: