Keeping Safe at the National Videogame Museum

To make our galleries as safe as possible for you to explore and enjoy post-lockdown, we’ve made a few important changes. 

  • We’ve rearranged the galleries to allow for social distancing. 
  • We’ve increased the level of cleaning across all of our spaces. 
  • We’re equipping all our staff with face-coverings.
  • We’re introducing timed-visits and limiting the amount of visitors at any one time.
  • We’re only accepting advance bookings, you can’t buy a ticket at the reception desk. 

But there are things that we need you to do too. We’re going to need to work together to make things safe for all of us. 

To visit the NVM, you need to: 

Not have any symptoms!

If you have any COVID related symptoms, please don’t visit the gallery. Get in touch with us to transfer your ticket, follow self-isolation guidelines and GET WELL SOON!

Wear a face-covering at all times

We need you to wear face-coverings at all times inside the museum, even before you come inside.

Stay in your social-bubble & keep socially distanced

We’ve organised the galleries into groups of exhibits that you can enjoy safely in your family or friend groups. 

To minimise infection, we need you to stay in your groups during your visit and socially distance from others. 

Sanitise your hands carefully and often

Cleaning hands regularly is our main defence against infection in the galleries. 

We’re providing lots of hand-sanitiser across the galleries and we need you to sanitise your hands after using every group of exhibits.