Create An Interactive Christmas Carol

Workshop with Sheffield Libraries

Rewrite Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in this Free Online Workshop

Do you want to help rewrite Scrooge’s Christmas adventures and learn how to create an interactive story in Twine? The National Videogame Museum and Sheffield Libraries ran a free online workshop on the 12th December that showed you how to get involved! Don’t worry if you missed it, all the information you need is below.

Based on the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ participants will choose either the ‘ghost of past, present or future’ to rewrite and submit to the NVM. These submissions will then be put together in a playable story, so you can spot your own submission and read stories submitted by others. This game will be able to play online and will also be showcased in Sheffield Library in a playable arcade cabinet next year!

Will the Ghost of Christmas Past take Scrooge to visit the dinosaurs… Or maybe the Ghost of Christmas Future will be opening presents on a spaceship? Where will you take Scrooge this Christmas?

What do I need to take part?

All you will need to get involved is access to a computer, laptop or tablet and internet access. To create our story we will be using a programme called Twine, a free to use programme that can be used to create interactive stories. You can use Twine online or download it for offline use too.

How do I write and submit my story?

You can choose to write your story based on the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present or Future. If you’d like to write more than one that’s okay too, you will just need to submit them separately. Remember that this is for everyone, so make sure your story is family friendly!

Take a look at the story so far to see how it’s going to work. Next head to Twine to start writing or check out our helpful guide on writing interactive stories in Twine. Give your story a title that you’ll recognise and include your first name if you’d like!

Once you are finished you will need to copy and paste a section of coding into the very end of your story. Make sure you choose the correct line of code depending on which Ghost you’ve written about!

Copy and Paste this for the Ghost of Christmas Past:

(link:”Scrooge woke up”)[(gotoURL:”../../?story=past”)]

Copy and Paste this for the Ghost of Christmas Present:

(link:”Scrooge woke up”)[(gotoURL:”../../?story=present”)]

Copy and Paste this for the Ghost of Christmas Future:

(link:”Scrooge woke up”)[(gotoURL:”../../?story=future”)]

When you’ve completed your story, select ‘Publish to File’ to download it to your computer. Send it as an attachment to this email address: and let us know which Ghost you’ve written about!

When will I be able to see my Story?

Once you’ve sent your story, we will be reading them and adding them to the story so far. How quickly we are able to do this depends on the number (and length) of the submissions! Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates.