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Getting Started with Pixel Art!

Have you ever wanted to make your own videogame character? Perhaps you’ve always been inspired by the artwork of old school RPG’s? These resources will guide you through creating animated pixel art!

Recommended for ages 7+

Subject Links: Art & Design, Computing, Animation

Getting Started with Scratch!

Get stuck in to creating your own game and start exploring Scratch, a free game design software that’s the perfect entry point for coding! Follow along with our video tutorial and learn how to recreate the classic videogame: Pong!

Recommended for ages 7+

Subject Links: Game Design, Computing

Getting Started with Twine!

Ever wanted to write your own interactive stories? Flex your creative writing muscles and learn about Twine, free software that lets you create interactive adventures! Developed with the University of Sheffield, watch our tutorial to learn more and download our PDF guide to get started! 

Recommended for ages 7+  

Subject Links: Creative Writing, Story-telling, Computing

Getting Started with Bitsy!

Are you already familiar with Scratch or maybe you’d like to try a game making tool that is a little bit different? In this tutorial we’re  exploring Bitsy, a free game-creation tool made by Adam Le Doux, that allows you to make tiny worlds and games for people to play in!

Recommended for ages 7+ 

Subject Links: Computing, Game Design

… and that’s not all!

There’s more to see (and learn) on our YouTube Channel, including adding simple sounds to your game and catching up on our Virtual Summer Club, Pixelheads!

Have a printer at home or at school? Get creative with these downloadable worksheets! Design an arcade cabinet or videogame controller, tell us about your favourite videogame object and more!