Our Exhibitions

The NVM is a treasure trove of both permanent and regularly changing exhibits.

There’s always something new to discover!

Some of our smaller exhibits are organised into something we call ‘Bundles’, groups of games that we’ve placed together to explore an idea.

Our exhibitions are carefully socially-distanced and staff fully trained to deliver a COVID-secure day-out that’s exciting, fully-playable and safe!

Here’s the full list of games you can play here at the moment…

Space Invaders arcade artwork

The Arcade

Put away your coins! You can free-play your way through the collection of arcade games at the NVM.

Tough Bundle

Keep telling yourself it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part…
Play some of the toughest games in the world and see how long you can last.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally named Mr Needlemouse, you know and love him as Sonic!
Run, Jump and Spin your way through Sonic’s history in this FAST collection of games.

Bonus Bundle

You usually have to be really good at a game to get to its bonus level.
Not now… Explore some famous bonus levels, with a helping hand from the NVM.

Driving Bundle

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre…
Put your foot to the floor in this selection of different approaches to driving in videogames.

Super Mario

One of the most recognisable characters in all of pop-culture, see how Mario has evolved over 35 years in videogames!

mortal kombat arcade jamma board


It’s not all playing!
Come and explore the treasures of the National Videogame Museum!