Anyone and everyone can make videogames.

The NVM’s mission is to use playful learning to inspire and engage new generations with the science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) skills we all need to thrive in the modern world.

We inspire new people, especially those from the UK’s many different communities, to make new games about new kinds of subjects.

We offer lots of inspiring ways to do that!

School Trips

Videogames are a powerful and inspiring tool for students of all ages. They allow young people to explore their creativity, gain valuable STEAM skills and have fun while learning. We have welcomed thousands of students, delivering programmes of learning which celebrate and challenge videogame culture, and giving them the chance to explore our interactive exhibitions.

We will be relaunching our school visits to the National Videogame Museum very soon! Register HERE to be kept up to date with our schools programming or get in touch at learning@thenvm.org.

Find out more about booking an inspiring school trip to the National Videogame Museum.

Learn at Home

Want to start making videogames at home? Have a great idea for a videogame? Get creative and explore our award-nominated free learning resources.

Find out more about making our Free Learning Resources here!


Join Pixelheads, our community for young people to learn about how to make videogames through a series of inspirational training sessions and talks on our YouTube channel. Thousands already have!

Find out more about Pixelheads and how you can take part!

Family Learning

The galleries are the perfect place to learn about, play and even make videogames together. Find out about why the National Videogame Museum is great for families and – coming soon – join exciting workshops for families to make videogames together.

Find out more about why the National Videogame Museum is great for families.