Mission & Governance

The National Videogame Museum is on the ‘path to accreditation’ to become a nationally-style accredited museum.
You can read more about what that means here.


Our mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret videogames for everyone. 

Connecting the past, present and future of videogames, the NVM will inspire creative play and learning experiences which facilitate emotional, intellectual, social and creative development. 

Our aim is to create innovative and inclusive ways to engage audiences in the collection, and in doing so confront many of the accessibility challenges that videogames present.

Recognising the lack of diversity present in both the workforce and content of the industry as a whole, the NVM seeks to inspire new people to make new kinds of games. We will do this positively, evangelising the making of videogames as an activity that’s intrinsically valuable as a means of self-expression.  



The Governing body of the NVM is the BGI, a new charity that aims to educate the public on the art, science and technology of videogames.

The Museum Advisory Board

The NVM has its own Museum Advisory Board (MAB), which provides strategic steer and oversight on curatorial and programming policies and plans of the museum.

Our exhibition programme, overseen by the director and MAB, seeks to realise the aims of our vision and deliver our master plan. 

The intellectual and editorial independence of the NVM is vital to its integrity and status as an accredited museum. 

In our programme, the NVM seeks to inspire and empower curators to create exhibitions and events in line with our mission. 

National Videogame Museum Advisory Board

Jo Quinton-Tulloch (Science Museum Group)

Conrad Bodman (British Library)

Sarah Briggs (Museum Association)

Paul Kilduff-Taylor (Developer and BGI Board member)

Keith Stuart (Novelist and journalist)

Gaetano Dimita (Queen Mary University of London)