Animal Crossing and Lockdown Wellbeing

“Animal Crossing has been one of the few things keeping me going through quarantine”

National lockdowns have had a devastating impact on mental health and wellbeing. Many people have found it harder to stay positive and optimistic during lockdown. 

Since we launched the Animal Crossing Diaries (which is still open), inviting you to contribute your experiences of life in lockdown on the tropical paradises of Animal Crossing, we have been inundated with wonderful stories of how the game has been keeping your spirits raised during this unprecedented time of mental fatigue and anxiety. As Saucy_Sabe told us “Animal Crossing has been one of the few things keeping me going through quarantine”. 

Olivia Gentry – Picture

This view has been universally endorsed by other entries to our open call!

I’ve been dealing with anxiety and depression… Covid-19 amplified those feelings… I became unemployed right after like many others in 2020. Animal Crossing became my escape and joy. I had something to look forward to each day


In particular, we have been struck by the volume of entries that reflect on how Animal Crossing has alleviated anxiety by providing a safe platform for social interaction during a time of intense physical isolation.

Someone as social as I am found it incredibly difficult to not be around my friends during the pandemic. Thankfully, I found a safe haven online with a community of people who love this game as much as I do

 Caroline Kelleher
Caroline Kelleher – Picture.

Although we’ve had so many emotive and personal stories of navigating mental health with Animal Crossing, we’d still love to hear your accounts of how the game has alleviated your mental health issues. Follow this link here to access the open call: 

The first round of submissions will close on 30th March 2021.

If reading this, you want to seek advice on mental health, you can find support and advice from MIND, the mental health charity.

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