NVM Reopens on Friday 21st May

Respawn in 3… 2… 1…

The National Videogame Museum will be reopening its doors for you to Play The Museum on Friday 21st May.

It has been over a year since we were last open fully, and despite a short period at the end of last Summer, we’ve missed welcoming the public into our videogame galleries.

Just as with our previous reopening, we have taken extra special care to make sure that our fun and interactive experience is as good as you remember. We have a few safety protocols in place, so be sure to take a look before booking your visit.

Iain Simons, Creative Director for the NVM, said “Like a lot of museums and culture venues, when lockdown started it was by no means sure that we were going to still be here when it relaxed. That we are is thanks to the overwhelming support of our friends in the industry, the public and DCMS over the last year. 

Just like museums, videogames are places to visit. With us all spending so much time indoors, sometimes alone, games have become really important places for lots of us. As places to learn, places to play, places to keep in contact with our friends – videogames have been there for us. 

We’re reopening our museum with some exciting new projects, the optimism of summertime and excitement at continuing to build the National Videogame Museum. Learn, play, meet your friends, in your national place for videogames. We can’t wait to see you all again!”

Hannah Bryan, Director of Visitor Experience for the NVM, said “It’s great to be able to invite people back into the museum, we miss the connection between our collections and our visitors – people bring our gallery to life. The whole team is excited to welcome visitors back, both old and new.”

Since lockdown, the NVM also delivered a popular online programme, that saw its learning activities made freely available for those at home. These accessible outreach activities made their programmes available to more people than ever, and won the Kids in Museum’s Family Friendly Museum Award from Home. The Museum has also been featured prominently in many international news outlets for its ongoing Animal Crossing Diaries project.