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We think videogames are for everyone.

Here, you can explore how they are made, who makes them, and even why they are made. You can play them and make them. You can attend workshops to learn how they are made. You can discover careers within the UK’s fastest growing creative industry. 

We are reopening on Friday 21st May for you to Play the Museum!

Dragon Quest’s Heavenly Packaging – Playthings

As exploring the world of DQVIII is a whimsical joy, looking at the game’s comprehensive packaging is also filled with a similar sense of wonder. In particular, the packaging for the European release provides a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Gift Shop Now Open and Online!

We are very excited to announce the the National Videogame Museum will be reopening its doors this Saturday, for a special shop-only opening! Come and browse in our new, revamped shop section, and pick up some gaming gifts for your loved ones.

NVM Reopens on Friday 21st May

The National Videogame Museum will be reopening its doors for you to Play The Museum on Friday 21st May. It has been over a year since we were last open fully, and despite a short period at the end of last Summer, we’ve missed welcoming the public into our videogame galleries.

Easter Activity Pack 2021

Looking for something fun to keep the kids entertained and creative this Easter? We’ve put some free activity packs together to get your young people thinking creatively about videogames!

Games Career Profiles

Are you interested in working in videogames? We are giving young people the opportunity to ask an industry professional their questions about working in games as a part of Games Careers Week!

Animal Crossing and Sharing Heritage

For many players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the only museum they have seen the inside of for a while has been its in-game museum. Some have been entertained by donating countless items to the museum’s director, Blathers. However, a range of players have also been using the game in new, unexpected creative ways to connect to their heritage and one another.

Mario and Cappy – PlayThings

Super Mario is instantly recognisable by his red overalls and full, brown moustache. Yet, fantastic facial hair aside, perhaps the most explicit expression of the Italian plumber’s identity is his iconic red cap.

Animal Crossing and Lockdown Wellbeing

National lockdowns have had a devastating impact on mental health and wellbeing. Many people have found it harder to stay positive and optimistic during lockdown. Here are some stories from our Animal Crossing Diaries project.

Magnavox Odyssey – Playthings

This object should delight anyone with an interest in ancient history (ahem). A personal favourite in our collection, the 1972 (1973 for us in the UK) Magnavox Odyssey is the grandfather of home videogame consoles. The console was created by Ralph H. Baer, who had begun the designing process in 1966!

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