The National Videogame Museum

The UK’s national cultural centre for videogames.

We think videogames are for everyone.

Here, you can explore how they are made, who makes them, and even why they are made. You can play them and make them. You can attend workshops to learn how they are made. You can discover careers within the UK’s fastest growing creative industry. 

Our doors are currently closed, but we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

We’re gearing up right now to offer you more ways to play and learn at home, so watch this space for more news on our lockdown activities!

Animal Crossing and Lockdown Wellbeing

National lockdowns have had a devastating impact on mental health and wellbeing. Many people have found it harder to stay positive and optimistic during lockdown. Here are some stories from our Animal Crossing Diaries project.

PlayThings: Magnavox Odyssey

This object should delight anyone with an interest in ancient history (ahem). A personal favourite in our collection, the 1972 (1973 for us in the UK) Magnavox Odyssey is the grandfather of home videogame consoles. The console was created by Ralph H. Baer, who had begun the designing process in 1966!

South Yorkshire Half Term Activities

This half term, your family can explore what museums across South Yorkshire have to offer, from the comfort of your own home. All week South Yorkshire Museums are running a virtual programme of events, and you can get involved!

Making of: A New Christmas Carol (Part 2)

Part 2 of our A New Christmas Carol project making of guide. this new series of blogs by the National Videogame Museum, we want to give you the inside track into how we build some of our award-winning programmes.

PlayThings: PlayStation 4 Controller (Used)

All of us who play videogames have a fleeting, but meaningful, relationship with our controllers. In turn, our discarded controllers tell unique stories about our relationship with videogames, procedural memories made through these amazing pieces of multimedia technology. Here’s one of ours.

PlayThings: LEGO Development Wrap Trophy

Developing a videogame is often a difficult and time-consuming endeavour. Some games have taken almost two decades to develop – yes, we’re all looking at you Shenmue III. These distinct LEGO Development Wrap Trophies are made as a playful recognition for the tremendously hard work that goes into producing videogames.

Making of: A New Christmas Carol (Part 1)

In this new series of blogs by the National Videogame Museum, we want to give you the inside track into how we build some of our award-winning programmes. In this first post, our Curator takes you through how they built our special Christmas workshop!

PlayThings: Pokémon Gatcha Figurine

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy burst onto the scene in the late 1990s. These cute ‘Pocket Monsters’ dominated childhoods across the world [including mine]. Once physical figurines of Pokémon started to release, it became quite expensive to Catch ‘Em All.

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