The National Videogame Museum

The UK’s national cultural centre for videogames.

We think videogames are for everyone.

Here, you can explore how they are made, who makes them, and even why they are made. You can play them and make them. You can attend workshops to learn how they are made. You can discover careers within the UK’s fastest growing creative industry. 

Our doors are currently closed, but we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

We’re gearing up right now to offer you more ways to play and learn at home, so watch this space for more news on our lockdown activities!

PlayThings: Pokémon Gatcha Figurine

Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue for the Nintendo Game Boy burst onto the scene in the late 1990s. These cute ‘Pocket Monsters’ dominated childhoods across the world [including mine]. Once physical figurines of Pokémon started to release, it became quite expensive to Catch ‘Em All.

Help with Home Schooling

This lockdown, we want to help parents and kids who are now pivoting to learning from home (again). Here’s a list of introductory lessons to get young people started making a videogame!

PlayThings: N64 Controller

From the horizontal and vertical dials of the venerable Magnavox Odyssey, to the motion controls of a Nintendo Wii remote (seriously, please wear the wrist strap), there is a diverse family of videogame controllers that translate our button presses or over-enthusiastic tennis swings into on-screen action. How did you hold yours?

Tier 3 Museum Shop Opening

We (currently) don’t know if we’ll be able to open later this month. But should Sheffield be taken down to Tier 2, we will be open from Saturday 19th and throughout the Christmas period. More details on that to come soon!

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“We’re Good To Go”, the official UK mark that indicates we have followed Government and industry guidelines for maintaining cleanliness and aiding social distancing.

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